Pondless Waterfall

Installed 2013

Q: What was your motivation in wanting to have a water feature installed?

A: Had to have a waterfall in this yard because I’ve lived with one of your koi ponds complete with a waterfall for years. I am addicted to the sound of the running water!

Q: What type of water feature do you have (pond or pondless waterfall?) What size is it (if you know?)

A: I opted for a pondless waterfall this time. as I no longer wanted to deal with fish and the extra upkeep the full pond entails.

Q: How long ago was your water feature installed? If it has been over a year, how has the feature changed over time? Would you do anything different such as make it smaller or bigger, etc?

A: It has not quite been a full year yet. I would have liked a slightly larger falls with a steeper drop, but this size works well for the space its in.

We will need to change some of the plantings around the outside as we have found some are the wrong type or size. Having some plants in it makes it look more natural already, but they are only a few months old.

Q: Did Andreatta Waterscapes install your water feature as a new build or did we remodel it? What additional work, if any, was included with your project (i.e. hardscapes such as walls and pavers, fire pit/fire boulder, etc.)?

A: This was a new build as we were totally redoing an older existing yard. AW did the pondless waterfall, pavers, grass, placed sitting boulders here and there in the lawn area, and installed a 2 ton very tall rock in the center of the yard.

Q: Do you have underwater lighting in your water feature, and if so, do you use it?

A: We have lighting on the falls and it is on automatically every evening until way after dark. It looks sooo nice with it all aglow!

Q: How long did it take to complete your water fearure, from breaking ground to completion of your project? Tell us about your experience with the construction of your water feature.

A: The pond/falls took a little over a week, the whole project three plus weeks. Don’t exactly remember. There were other projects and maintenance running at the same time, so work was not steady the whole time.

Q: Does Andreatta Waterscapes currently provide you with any maintenance type services and if so, in what ways is that helpful to you? If we do not provide maintenance services, how long to you typically spend on maintenance each week? What is your maintenance routine?

A: We have had maintenance service up to now. Just installed an ionizer to take care of the algae issues that arise with all falls and ponds, so do not yet know what we will be needing going forward.

Q: In what ways do you currently interact with your water feature and what benefits do you feel that it has brought to you and your family?

A: We really enjoy the relaxing sounds of the waterfall as it gently caresses the contoured sides of the rocks on its way down stream. I love its magical music to lull you to sleep at night (on the nights I can leave my window open some). We have many, many birds that use the water to bathe and drink every day. They are very happy with this addition to the neighborhood!

Q: How would you rate the quality of work done (on a scale of 1-10… 10 being the best) by Andreatta Waterscapes and the level of expertise brought to your project?

A: 10

Q: Can you sum up for us your feelings about your water feature?

A: yes - WE LOVE IT !!

Q: Bonus question… anything else you’d like to add?

A: Everyone is happy here

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