Plant heavily (especially in full sun), use a skimmer to bag debris, add bacteria, don’t overfeed fish, fix leaks, control run-off, but most of all relax. Algae is a natural part of the ponds ecosystem. A new pond may turn green until the biological filter has a chance to grow sufficient bacteria (typically 3-6 weeks). Be patient as the pond finds it’s natural balance.

Naturally occurring, safe, non-toxic bacteria’s assist in breaking down organic matter thereby minimizing the release of nutrients & toxins into the water.

45 mil EPDM. It is extremely flexible, durable, and has a 20 year manufacturers warranty.

Pump size will vary depending on height requirements and the amount of flow desired. We like 1200-1500 GPH per foot of stream width.

Cats & Raccoons are not swimming predators, by building your pond 8’ wide and installing a house for the fish you cut down on your chances of becoming a victim.

During the winter the fish hibernate and we keep our waterfalls running year round. Most water plants are perennials and will return in the spring.

Each pond is unique, please call us at (541) 664-4511.

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