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Creating natural spaces to have a positive impact on the people and animals that interact with them. Through quality service and products, we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


Nurture positive relationships with our customers, employees, and community through our interactions, and cultivate meaning in the relationships we engage in.

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Tonja Andreatta, owner of Andreatta Waterscapes
Tonja Andreatta

Tonja is a Southern Oregon native and enjoyed spending long summer days on her grandparent’s farm overlooking Emigrant Lake.

“My first fishing was in grandpa’s farm pond catching Bluegill. I spent hours walking along the irrigation ditch, and days hiking the Siskiyou mountains. Grandpa always had a big garden and he helped instill my love of the outdoors. I’ve always said I’m happiest with my fingers in the dirt and a good dog by my side. My first foray into being self-employed was owning a grounds maintenance company. I was completely bored with mowing straight lines in lawns at apartment complexes. It did give me a lot of foundational knowledge, but mostly it gave me a love for working outside. I saw an ad in a landscape magazine offering a workshop on how to build your own pond. I came back excited to give it a try. I gathered up my softball team and coerced them into helping me build it. That’s when my first pond was born, and I knew that was what I was meant to do.”

Tonja has developed a style and reputation as an expert in her field and her customers rave about the amazing show pieces their outdoor spaces have become. Thanks to her creativity and knowledge of working with natural materials, she has been able to create the perfect space for each location which her customers are able to enjoy throughout the year. Her love of nature and the environment can be felt as you admire her ponds and waterfalls.

“Some of my fondest childhood memories are climbing trees and playing tag in the pear orchards, hot summer days at the river catching anything that would move (especially lizards), and eating fresh blackberries, plums and cherries. I’ve watched the Rogue Valley’s landscape change as the orchards, fields, and wetlands from my childhood memories vanish. A backyard pond helps keep a connection with nature, soothes your senses, and can be a huge benefit for the wildlife that are losing their natural habitat.”

Happy Ponderings!
Tonja Andreatta
The Pond Lady

Stephanie Belknap of Andreatta Waterscapes
Stephanie Belknap

Stephanie has been with Andreatta Waterscapes since 2016. We are lucky to have such a go getter both in our office and out in the field. She helps keep things running smoothly and you’ll likely talk to her at some point when you call the office.

Running the maintenance routes, doing repairs, and making sure customers have the plants, fish, and products to keep their ponds looking top notch are what make Stephanie such a valuable member of the AW team. Our customers agree, and we’ve heard from quite a few over the years letting us know how much they appreciate her!

Lora Andreatta, owner of Andreatta Waterscapes
Lora Andreatta

Starting in 2012, Lora has worked in various roles within the company from maintenance technician, office manager and now working primarily with marketing. She plays an integral role behind the scenes and is always there to help keep the company moving forward.

The Pond Guys

We’ve got a fantastic installation crew and we’re grateful for the hard work and enthusiasm they bring to building quality water features for our customers. These guys never thought they would look for the ‘pretty side’ of a rock. Now, when it comes to building one-of-a-kind, custom creations they pride themselves in being artisans.

Lora Andreatta, owner of Andreatta Waterscapes