Terry & Wanda

Terry & Wanda

Pondless Waterfall

Installed October 2011

Q: What was your motivation in wanting to have a water feature installed?

A: We had two water features at our prior home and found them so relaxing that we knew we would equally enjoy one at our present home.

Q: What type of water feature do you have (pond or pondless waterfall?) What size is it (if you know?)

A: Our pondless waterfall is overall approximately 40 feet long and the winding waterway drops about 7.5 feet over that distance in a series of five smaller cascades interupted by one major waterfall.

Q: How long ago was your water feature installed? If it has been over a year, how has the feature changed over time? Would you do anything different such as make it smaller or bigger, etc? How long did it take to complete your water feature from breaking ground to completion of your project?

A: The land excavation and recontouring work started on October 11, 2011, the first water to fall was on October 27 and by October 31 the hardscaping of the adjacent dry "abandoned" waterfall was complete.

With time the landscaping has matured to create a "habitat" feeling of which the waterfall is an intergral part.

Q: Did Andreatta Waterscapes install your water feature as a new build or did we remodel it? What additional work, if any, was included with your project (i.e. hardscapes such as walls and pavers, fire pit/fire boulder, etc.)?

A: The waterfall built by Andreatta Waterscapes was a total new build. As noted above, additional hardscaping included a dry "abandoned" waterfall near the active waterfall.

Q: Tell us about your experience with the construction of your water feature.

A: It was a pleasure and an amazement to watch Tonja, Alex and Jaime transform a plot of dirt and weeds into an incredibly natural-looking multi-level waterfall. Moreover, each person in Andreatta Waterscapes was a pleasure to work with as the construction process evolved and new ideas were introduced and enacted to improve the initial concept. This resulted in a work of art in stone and water.

Q: Does AW currently provide you with any maintenance type services and if so, in what ways is that helpful to you? If we do not provide maintenance services, how long to you typically spend on maintenance each week? What is your maintenance routine?

A: Andreatta Waterscapes has provided a Spring cleaning only in 2014. Prior maintenance was done by the owner and was seasonal. In Fall removal of leaves and in summer algae removal. The former involved 2-3 multi-hour cleanups over the course of several months while algae control is presently about 1 hour per week.

Q: In what ways do you currently interact with your water feature and what benefits do you feel that it has brought to you and your family?

A: The cascading of the water over the multi-level waterfall provides a soothing sound through the windows at night, and wine and cheese seem to taste better on the seating area adjacent to it.

Q: How would you rate the quality of work done (on a scale of 1-10… 10 being the best) by AW and the level of expertise brought to your project?

A: Of the 13 years we have lived in the Rogue Valley it is our opinion that AW is the only one building natural-looking waterfeatures, all the rest seemingly are "irrigation troughs" with rocks alongside, hence a 10. This was made clear to us about a year ago when we had a house guest from North Carolina countryside, who said while sitting on the adjacent patio having sunset wine and cheese "You know, this waterfall looks just like one in a (natural) creek by my house".

Q: Can you sum up for us your feelings about your water feature?

A: A treasure!

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