Daryl & Alice

Daryl & Alice

Waterfall & Pond Remodel

Remodeled July 2010

Q: What was your motivation in wanting to have a water feature installed?

A: Our previous feature, on the property when we purchased our home in 2008, had a major leak.

Q: What type of water feature do you have (pond or pondless waterfall?) What size is it (if you know?)

A: Pond -- approximately 600 gallons

Q: How long ago was your water feature installed? If it has been over a year, how has the feature changed over time? Would you do anything different such as make it smaller or bigger, etc? How long did it take to complete your water feature from breaking ground to completion of your project?

A: Re-modeled in 2010. Over time the aquatic plants and fish have matured and the pond has become a focal point of our yard. The feature is well-sized for our yard, but now we envision an expanded setting, with a few more boulders and/or additional plants on the small hill above to provide an enhanced backdrop.

Q: Did Andreatta Waterscapes install your water feature as a new build or did we remodel it? What additional work, if any, was included with your project (i.e. hardscapes such as walls and pavers, fire pit/fire boulder, etc.)?

A: This was a complete remodel, working with the original footprint of the existing pond. Additional work included larger rocks and boulders replacing rock-and-mortar design, a cascade replacing previous 3 ft. vertical drop over rock-and-mortar wall, a “tunnel” for fish to take shelter in winter months, a “sitting” rock, and aquatic flora and fauna (goldfish).

Q: Do you have underwater lighting in your water feature, and if so, do you use it?

A: We do have underwater lighting and love the magical night-time effect.

Q: How long did it take to complete your water fearure, from breaking ground to completion of your project? Tell us about your experience with the construction of your water feature.

A: Nine working days. Project started July 10. Completed July 23, 2010.

Q: Does Andreatta Waterscapes currently provide you with any maintenance type services and if so, in what ways is that helpful to you? If we do not provide maintenance services, how long to you typically spend on maintenance each week? What is your maintenance routine?

A: Andreatta Waterscapes provides bi-weekly maintenance. This is helpful for us in maintaining a balance in the ecosystem and insuring that filters, pump and other mechanical parts are in good working order.

Q: In what ways do you currently interact with your water feature and what benefits do you feel that it has brought to you and your family?

A: The usual backyard activities of reading, gardening, and sharing meals are enhanced by the sight, sound, and textures of the water feature. During warm summer months with door open at night, the sound of the water cascading over rocks benefits sleep, and is particularly helpful in shutting out the ringing in the ears that interfered with my husband’s sleep for many years.

Q: How would you rate the quality of work done (on a scale of 1-10… 10 being the best) by Andreatta Waterscapes and the level of expertise brought to your project?

A: 10 !

Q: Can you sum up for us your feelings about your water feature?

A: We greatly enjoy how the cascading, recycling water enhances the natural ecosystem, providing a birthing place and home for dragonflies and other beneficial aquatic insects, and attracting seasonal birds, squirrels, butterflies, bees, and other wildlife. As habitat for aquatic plants, insects and fish, it provides us the rare opportunity to observe the food chain up close, i.e., as when an occasional blue heron stealthy preys upon the goldfish who inhabit the pond. We have also enjoyed watching the evolving nature of the feature’s ecosystem, with water lilies and other aquatic plants maturing over the years. In short, as the focal point of our hillside backyard, our water feature enriches our lives beyond measure, providing a peaceful, inviting, refreshing (and educational!) place to relax and rejuvenate.

Q: Bonus question… anything else you’d like to add?

A: In addition to the above comments, we want to note that it was a pleasure and privilege to have Tonja and her crew, Jaime and Alex, create a beautiful work of art in the re-design and re-build of our backyard water feature.

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