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The popularity of recreational ponds has been growing over the past few years. These eco-friendly swimming ponds have been built in Europe for decades and have recently gained traction here in the United States. You may have heard these types of ponds referred to as Natural Swimming Ponds or Natural Swimming Pools (NSP). Choosing a recreational pond over a traditional swimming pool may be just what your family is looking for.

Using plants within either a planting zone or wetland filter, with a separate swimming zone, a recreational pond eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and is environmentally friendly. They fit seamlessly into your natural landscaping and provide a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for the whole family.

You can have the feel of your favorite swimming hole in your own backyard, and it will definitely be the favorite hangout spot for your family and friends! A backyard swimming pond provides a fun outdoor recreational space during the warmer months and a natural environment for wildlife and your family to enjoy year-round.

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History of Natural Swimming Ponds in the Rogue Valley

International Organization for Natural Bathing Waters (IOB)

We are members of the International Organization for Natural Bathing Waters (IOB) and have had the opportunity to learn and consult with the leading natural swimming pool builders in the world. Having had the privilege of attending multiple international IOB conferences has given us a unique opportunity to expand our understanding of why these beautiful swimming ponds have been enhancing both residential and commercial landscapes all over Europe for many years.

We began building recreational ponds in the Rogue Valley in 2016. Our swim pond design has evolved over the years, and we are proud to be able to say that we are the leading NSP contractors in the state of Oregon. We’ve brought together the knowledge gained from our global network of natural swimming pool builders with the unique style that Andreatta Waterscapes is known for, to create what has commonly become known here in the United States as recreational ponds.

Call us to set up a design consultation and we’ll help you create the backyard swim pond of your dreams!

Recreational Pond Andreatta Waterscaps Jacksonville Oregon
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"Tonja and her crew created a beautiful waterfall"

Tonja and her crew rescued us! My hubby started building a pondless waterfall in our backyard, but it proved to be more difficult than we thought. After building and tearing it down multiple times (with major frustration), we called multiple places in the valley, yet the only one to return our call was Tonja at Andreatta Waterscapes. We initially called her to look at what was done and see if we could get advice on how to proceed and she was willing to come guide us. However, after meeting her and listening to her ideas, we instantly decided to hire her to finish the job for us (well basically tear most of it down and build it correctly-haha). They were on time, professional and did an amazing job & made it look easy (trust me, it’s not-leave it to the pros). Tonja and her crew created a beautiful waterfall that surpassed our expectations! Thanks for everything Tonja and Andreatta Waterscapes, you saved us! We love our little oasis you built for us. If you are looking to hire a waterscape professional, we highly recommended Andreatta Waterscapes.

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