Bogs & Wetland Filters

Pondless Waterfall Medford Oregon

Beautify your water feature with natural filtration

A bog or wetland filter re-creates natures filter system. Bogs use aquatic plants and substrates that remove toxins, as well as allowing for colonization of beneficial bacteria. The plants and beneficial bacteria work together to strip away excess nutrients that inhibit algae growth. This improves your ponds water quality while also providing a beautiful filtering system that blends into your landscape.

While a wetland filter is the key technical component for our recreational ponds, we also frequently use pond bog filters on goldfish and koi ponds as well. There is a large variety of bog plants for ponds and having a pond bog filter provides a perfect place for water garden enthusiasts to grow their favorite aquatic plants. This also creates a healthy ecosystem for a multitude of wildlife to thrive and grow.

Mature Pond Bog Andreatta Waterscapes Central Point Oregon
Pond Bog Wetland Filter Andreatta Waterscapes Central Point Oregon

"Tonja and her crew created a beautiful waterfall"

Tonja and her crew rescued us! My hubby started building a pondless waterfall in our backyard, but it proved to be more difficult than we thought. After building and tearing it down multiple times (with major frustration), we called multiple places in the valley, yet the only one to return our call was Tonja at Andreatta Waterscapes. We initially called her to look at what was done and see if we could get advice on how to proceed and she was willing to come guide us. However, after meeting her and listening to her ideas, we instantly decided to hire her to finish the job for us (well basically tear most of it down and build it correctly-haha). They were on time, professional and did an amazing job & made it look easy (trust me, it’s not-leave it to the pros). Tonja and her crew created a beautiful waterfall that surpassed our expectations! Thanks for everything Tonja and Andreatta Waterscapes, you saved us! We love our little oasis you built for us. If you are looking to hire a waterscape professional, we highly recommended Andreatta Waterscapes.

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Robin R.

Southern Oregon

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