Assessment of existing pond

Did you just buy a house with a pond and need to know how it works? Are you having trouble with your pond or water feature and need to find out what is causing it?

We provide assessments of existing water features to give you the answers you need to keep your water feature running properly and ensuring a healthy ecosystem for water gardens.

A pond assessment includes:

  • Water quality testing
  • Check biological load and filtering
  • Oxygenation and circulation of the pond which plays a critical role in keeping a healthy, balanced pond
  • Inspect functioning of pumps, skimmers, lights and other mechanical components
  • Inspect for leaks and structural stability & safety
  • Recommendations for addition or removal of any aquatic plants
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Aesthetic improvement recommendations if desired
  • Answer any additional questions you may have about your pond


There are a variety of reasons that a pond, waterfall, or stream may begin to lose water. We will diagnose the cause of your leak and assist in getting it back up and running.

You can send us pictures and we will discuss the issue over the phone to determine if a repair visit is needed. Sometimes you’ll be able to do the repair yourself with a little guidance, and other times you may need a professional to come help you out. Either way, you’ll find us knowledgeable and ready to help.

Pump Replacements

Your pond pump is the heart of your water feature and serves not just in providing the visual element of moving water, but delivers the oxygenation that keeps fish alive, especially in hot weather. It’s a vital piece of the puzzle that keeps your pond, and fish, healthy. It’s inevitable though that pumps wear out.

We service both submersible and out of pond pumps and carry a large variety of replacement pumps. We warranty both the pump and our installation to ensure that your water feature continues to run smoothly.

If you have koi, we really want you to have an aeration system. If your pump stops working, this can save their lives while waiting for a new pump installation.


A convenient feature installed on many water features is an autofill valve that allows the water to be topped off and keeps it at its optimal level. An autofill takes away the need to hand fill your water feature with your garden hose. An autofill can also prevent a pump replacement if your water level were to get too low for a prolonged period and burn the pump motor out.

As with all things mechanical, autofills can break or even just get out of adjustment. We can come out to your house and replace or adjust it. We are also able to retrofit your existing water feature with an autofill and tie it into your water line or irrigation system.

Filter Upgrade

If you are a koi fish enthusiast, you may find at some point that your love of your koi has outgrown the effectiveness of your current filtration system. We highly recommend a filtration upgrade for our customers where the size or number of fish in your pond has outgrown the filter’s ability to keep the fish and the pond’s ecosystem healthy.

We are able to retrofit your pond with a pressure filter. This will add more filtration and give you a way to back flush some of the muck out of the pond.


There are many reasons that people decide to renovate an existing pond or water feature.

  • Do you want a bigger pond and more fish, or have your Koi grown beyond your ponds capacity to safely house them?
  • Would you like to have a louder waterfall?
  • Does your water feature need a facelift or have problems that are bigger than a simple fix?

We can help evaluate what the existing problems are and design a plan for a complete remodel or even partial upgrades such as filtering or lighting. We want everyone to LOVE their water feature and we’re ready to help you take yours to the next level in completing your custom outdoor living space.

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Tonja and her crew rescued us! My hubby started building a pondless waterfall in our backyard, but it proved to be more difficult than we thought. After building and tearing it down multiple times (with major frustration), we called multiple places in the valley, yet the only one to return our call was Tonja at Andreatta Waterscapes. We initially called her to look at what was done and see if we could get advice on how to proceed and she was willing to come guide us. However, after meeting...

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