Southern Oregon Pond Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintenance plans for any pond

All water features will require some sort of maintenance. For some it will be very minimal, such as for patio ponds and fountains. For goldfish ponds, koi ponds and water gardens, there will be higher levels of maintenance required.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire us to provide your pond maintenance services, we’ll make sure you know exactly what needs to be done to keep your pond healthy and beautiful.

Spring Cleanouts - Starting at $500

An annual spring cleanout is an important service in getting your pond ready for the coming warm weather. We begin cleanouts in February and usually wrap up the clean out season by mid-April.

A complete pond cleanout can be a large and messy job, so many of our customers prefer to have us provide this service rather than doing it themselves. We do recommend an annual cleanout so that organic matter doesn’t build up in the bottom of your pond, which can cause problems.

A spring cleanout consists of the following service:

  • Test water quality
  • Move koi and goldfish to large tubs. We take great care in making sure your fish are protected during this process.
  • Drain the pond. In order to conserve water, we use a portion of the old water for the cleanout itself and will also return a portion of the original water in order to reseed the freshly cleaned pond with the beneficial bacteria that already existed in your ecosystem.
  • Scrub and/or power wash waterfall, stream, sides and bottom of pond
  • Remove debris and sediment from the bottom of the pond, streams and waterfall pools
  • Clean filtrations system and replace skimmer/waterfall mats as needed
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Inspect lights, pump, autofill, and skimmer to ensure they are working properly. If any repairs are needed, we will either complete them at the time of the cleanout if possible, or make recommendations for additional repairs or upgrades.
  • Trim aquatic plants and add new aquatic plants as desired by customer.
  • Refill pond and move fish back in
  • Add needed product such as beneficial bacteria and others to help balance any deficiencies found during the water test.

*In order to protect koi, we only offer pond cleanouts during the cooler spring weather.

Bi-weekly Maintenance - Starting at $150/Visit

Our pond maintenance service allows pond owners to enjoy the beauty of their water feature without the need to spend time on its upkeep. Some ponds may only require monthly service, but we find that most benefit from having maintenance performed twice per month.

Bi-weekly pond maintenance consists of the following services:

  • Removal of surface and floating debris such as leaves and algae using pond nets and/or pond vacuum
  • Cleaning of skimmer net and mats
  • Clean out pump and skimmer box of any accumulated debris
  • Brush scrubbing of rocks in pond, stream and waterfall
  • Trim aquatic plants as necessary
  • Addition of needed product to keep pond water properly balanced

Biological Filter Maintenance - Starting at $150/Visit

We provide pond owners with a quarterly, or as needed, service for cleaning the biological filters normally found in the biofalls or waterfall box above the pond.

  • Remove algae and other debris that may have built up
  • Clean biological filter mats
  • Replace degraded or damaged mats

Fall Cleanup & Netting - Starting at $300/Visit

Preparing your pond for winter is an important step in keeping your pond and fish healthy. Getting out the leaves and other matter that fall into the pond during the autumn months will prevent having a bigger mess to deal with in the spring.

A good choice to reduce the dump of leaves into the pond is to place a net over the pond until the leaves stop falling. We sell nets that you can place yourself, or we can come install it for you. After the trees are bare, the net can be removed and the leaves discarded.

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